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Feeling the Magic Testimonials

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The Bay Area, CA

NOTE: if you’d like to send me a testimonial for this page,
Please text (917-603-6964), message ( or email it (
Please write TESTIMONIAL: then anything you’d like to share~ (specify whether to use your name or post anonymously). It can be a story, a feeling, synchronicity about experiences with me or out in your world with your hair~magic… nothing is too strange or mystical! I LOVE 💕 the healing, synchronistic, mystical encounters best.
I don’t always remember who told me the tales, but I’ll have to add anonymously, some of the amazing things I’ve heard over the years~ attributed to FairyHairSpa!
Enjoy these FairyHairTales 🧚🏼‍♂️ 💖 👑

🧚🏼‍♂️VeryFairyManda’s FairyHairSpa
Is an experience of pure delight!
Women friends! Feel like a queen as Manda treats you to a mini sound healing with beautiful tuning forks, a soul path card reading, aromatherapy and sparkling strands of color put into your hair that shimmer and catch the light.

Getting Fairy Hair is a sweet, fun and lighthearted experience which can also give you insight into important elements showing up in your life.
I constantly get positive comments from people when I'm going about my day about the sparkling strands in my hair. It's wonderful to add a bit of joy to someone's day just by being me!
~ Christine

🦋What fun this is, not just the hair sparkles, but the entire experience. I get a million compliments on my fairy hair, and spending time in Manda's chair is a treat. Highly recommend!
~ Rita

💕What a good way to share time with friends!
Very Fairy Manda creates magic while she weaves sparkles into our hair and promotes healing and harmony with her special skills. I had a Fairy Hair party for about twenty people that was a highlight of my holiday season. The list for next time is already forming.
~ Mary Ellen

🎶A wonderful experience and the strands last for months
~ Marcia

✨I love the entire experience! I've been amazed at how positively people respond. Nobody has ever said to me any version of "your hair is sparkling" without a big smile on their face. This practice doesn't only give me joy, but appears to spread joy to others!!
~ Beth

🙏An amazing experience. I've been to Amanda's pop-ups and also had her come and do my & my bridesmaids hair privately. Each time is a spiritual and beauty retreat.
~ Rachel

👑 Wow! I just can’t believe how long they’ve lasted, and neither can my hairdresser! Through many cuts, colorings, styling… It really must be magic~ I still have a couple strands left from OVER 2.5 YEARS AGO! I know that’s unusual, but several of my friends from their last FairyHairSpa party, still have some from LAST YEAR. Manda’s definitely got the magic touch 🙌 ~ anonymous

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