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FAQ’s… I get asked LOTS of questions… here are some answers to the most common ones


I know it’s confusing…
Common Questions Answered



More Coming soon!
For now, take a look at these ?’s & pics here,
and if they don’t answer your questions…
text or message me. I’m happy to clarify.

1) What are they made of?
The strands are FABRIC (a poly-silk thread, same as in sparkly sweaters, scarves, etc.)

2) Can I wash, use heat & go to hairdressers?
YES! They Can handle all the same treatments as clothing. Cut, color, bleach, wash, curl, straighten, etc!! It’s the hair itself (that it’s tied to) that sheds or gets pulled out by accident - the threads won’t melt or change w treatments.
FYI: if they last longer than 4-6 months, they may get silvery & worn looking just like clothes might fade or get shabby w lots of wash & wear
FYI+ I REGULARLY have clients return with several strands left from 6-12 months ago and longer!

See #2 & 4 for parts of this answer … The average client will shed apx 50% of their strands within the first 7-30 days. Then the other 50% will shed more slowly over 3-4 months, often a few will hang on longer.
My KNOWN record is 2.5 YEARS possibly longer -as so many of my clients have many layers of years-old strands still hangin on for dear life. Often the old ones will be ratty & lower on the hair, so they get cut off during haircuts.
FOR ONGOING FAIRYHAIR: I recommend getting layers of 20 strand sessions, a month or 2 apart instead of waiting 3-5 months til they’re almost gone. Many of my regulars have started doing this with happy-magical results!

DISCLAIMERS: fine, kinky & child hair tend to shed faster. 1-4 weeks ish
FOR EVERYONE The more gentle/mindful you can be with anything that touches or tugs the hair, the longer they may last. YOU have the power to keep them longer if you’re willing to adjust your hair habits.
ALSO- I encourage people to keep strands that fall out & put in plant, car, jar, tie to wind-chime, altar, anywhere they can be enjoyed & appreciated in an ongoing way! They will bring smiles, gratitude, sparkle, and maybe the magic of lasting longer in your hair if they feel truly appreciated! I mean… I tend to stick around longer when I feel appreciated… so this has been my experience. My clients who honor them with a touch of magic & meaning tend to keep them longer.
People who wear them as a vanity-only endeavor, tend to lose them more quickly & be more disappointed

4) Can you do curly hair? All hair types? Wigs, extensions, dreads, braids etc?
YES! I’ve done every kind of hair, protective styles, wigs, extensions, kinky, ringlets, fine, coarse, grey, white, babies, children, beards, dog tails, dolls, puppets… obviously everyone has different hair & the strands will stay or act differently in every situation. Once I see & touch the hair I can give you a more accurate description of how to care for it & what to expect for you specifically

5) How do you attach them?
They are single threads tied to single strands of hair, using a tiny crochet hook. I can tie by hand if I need to, no glue, crimp beads or anything else is used so they feel very natural like your hair itself. I have 10+ years full-time tying experience so my knots are better than many other people doing strands.

6) How should I prepare my hair for a session?
As DRY & NOT SLIPPERY OR STUCK TOGETHER AS POSSIBLE. Dirty or clean doesn’t matter, but damp or wet doesn’t work as well, and the use of oils or products that make it slippery will effect how well the knots tie. Stuck together hair w gels or hairspray is workable but makes my job harder. If the hair is in braids, etc…I do install them differently & fewer for a balanced look,

I have 35+ colors including hair-tone matching, silvers, grays, browns, golds, coppers, reds, iridescent, blues, greens, purples, pinks, rainbows, blacks, shimmer & sparkle, multiple shades of all- jewel tones, pastels, etc. I will help with color selection & my specialty is tone in tone, highlights & lowlights natural looking sparkle w just a touch of a power-color for magic & meaning. Of course any colors you love are great! And I can address ANY concerns or desires from almost invisible hidden secret strands, to professional performer stage lighting strands, to holiday/team spirit strands, etc!

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